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Raise performance standards and expectations for improvement in safety


In the past 20 years, an increasing number of health care organizations have started on the journey to becoming a trusted organization. By definition, highly reliable organizations are those that offer quality care in an effective, efficient and predictable manner.


For many, the effort is still far from presenting the expected results, after all this is a journey that takes time, considerable efforts and the cooperation of all actors in this system.


The quest to provide consistently safe and high quality care, especially in the face of changing scenery, clinical innovations and technological advances, means that this journey is really just the beginning of the institutionalization of quality in the employee's work processes and practices.


It is possible to identify a number of areas that have made great progress over that time, however, after this current crisis, it will be necessary to reposition this movement, since what constituted high quality prior to 2020 is not the same as it constitutes today.


For this transformative change, organizations will need to reshape their approach to quality, adopting cultural paradigm changes, involving all stakeholders at all levels and valuing the experience of professionals, respecting, above all, the preferences of users.

Dr. Bruno Cavalcanti Farras
Mara Machado

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