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Distance Professional Development – IQG

Exceptional Times Require Exceptional Measures

The IQG is closing the face-to-face classes in favor of digital delivery, in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. IQG's online and distance learning offers a new way to combine innovative teaching and learning techniques with interaction with the instructor and colleagues from all over.

IQGON is a portal for sharing ideas and concepts, with emphasis on the distance education area of IQG.

The IQG Distance Education Program is ambitious, all courses are designed with one or more technologies to provide instruction to participants and to support regular and substantive interaction with the instructor synchronously or asynchronously.

We have established an entire structure dedicated to incorporating innovation in our distance education offerings. All of this to provide best-in-class modeling and greater customer support.


Our Purpose:

  • Solve the problems of the participants.

  • Teach something new.

  • Helping participants to achieve a goal.


Our Solution:

Instructional Design is developed by professionals with experience in learning theory, learning management systems and creative online tools with the aim of:

  • 1. increase the participation of professionals in a non-traditional environment;

  • 2. books, handouts, extra readings and other tasks are used for independent studies, which means that the participant can easily complete all tasks with minimal supervision by the instructor;

  • 3. participants and instructors will be able to communicate quickly and completely, as needed;

  • 4. the portal provides intense interaction with regular sessions, in which the instructor and the participants can interact via chat or video conference.


Instructional Objectives:

Our courses emphasize the development of governance practices.

The general scenario that we want to promote through the courses is a critical analysis of the health system scenario.

The main topics covered have the role of providing a synthesis for a better understanding of management practices.


Distance Education Program:


IQG distance courses are nothing like a typical sit-and-listen lecture. Participants performed interactive activities throughout the program. Each element was designed to keep participants engaged and alert.


Engagement among participants is a big part of what makes the IQGON program. We always seek to encourage sharing so that there are new suggestions and new points of view from a community brought together with the same goals. In the process, the members learn from each other's experiences and perspectives.


All of our professional development courses can be studied online from anywhere and at the best time of your day. Enjoy and find a course here at IQGON, if not, suggest it to our team.

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