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The use of co-creation in the Accreditation process


The proposal to deliver value is the main element of the Qmentum International IQG Program Accreditation model.

The interaction between the IQG and all stakeholders increases the value through the co-creation process. The idea is to bring customers closer to the method and create more efficient, safe and high-quality solutions.

The adoption of a value co-creation approach generates relevant changes to the business and ensures that the developed project will meet and / or exceed the needs and expectations among all actors in this ecosystem, also helping to provide an objective assessment of the organization in a broad perspective, capable of breaking the status quo.

Co-creation supports finding clues related to future opportunities that may improve the ability of organizations to innovate, optimize processes, adapt products and services to the needs of customers and the market. It also strengthens the understanding that organizations are a set of value-generating relationships between groups that have an interest in the activities that comprise it.

In the accreditation evaluation, the focus is on understanding how these relationships work and are established, so as to create value for the business. The model's co-creation strategy aims to bring together different groups of people, to assist the development of products and processes, bringing new and innovative concepts to the business.

Co-creation has evolved into a powerful concept, both in theory and in practice. Customers and other stakeholders are increasingly involved in the process of innovation and learning.

Dr. Bruno Cavalcanti Farras
Mara Machado

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