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Evaluation in the Digital Model


Evaluation in the digital model has been a leading tool for the great transformation of Health Services Accreditation Programs around the world.

The pandemic by COVID-19 proves to be a resistance test for all accreditation programs and countless questions arose since the beginning of 2020, such as: Will the onsite evaluation process as we know it be viable in a digital environment? Will it bring value to its members?

This complex and sudden change to which we were forced to adapt, changed not only the way many thinks, but also the participation, adherence and understanding of managers in the accreditation process, which in turn had to adapt and adjust to this new reality.

 The current digital platforms available for evaluation, demonstrate that it is possible to carry out the work efficiently, effectively and safely, however, this process is much more complex than having a connection platform available. It was necessary a realignment between the parts, restructuring and definition of the method to be used and the updating of the standards, work that consumes great effort and has a learning curve for the understanding of all.

Health organizations are going through a period of transition with no return. Workflows were adapted and the workforce had to be reestablished in a different type of life balance, in line with the organizations' strategic objectives.

The nature of work in the health sector and the expectations related to its functions have changed. The search for excellence, now, takes place through professionalism based on values, respect for employees and users, integrity and the sharing of objectives.

More than a short-term turnaround, evaluation in the digital model is the big step towards a transformation precipitated by COVID-19.

Dr. Bruno Cavalcanti Farras
Mara Machado

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