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The future of work in a post-pandemic world


The pandemic for the new coronavirus brought great pressure to the Brazilian health system, which was unprepared for an outbreak of this magnitude.


The crisis tested all the resilience of the system, that is, its ability and capacity to absorb, respond effectively and adapt to structural changes while maintaining day-to-day operations.


The resilience of the health system has been on the political agenda for years, however it is necessary to look beyond the current pandemic to reflect on how health systems can be better prepared for future crises that threaten the capacity to provide quality and safety health care.


In this new world of work, attitudes to lead and a mindset to learn are vital to prosper. In view of all this dynamism caused by COVID19, health organizations are obliged to respond quickly to a context of constant transition and to realign themselves to new realities. This requires that everyone involved - organizations, leaders and individuals - quickly understand these emerging needs, their standards, clarify their purpose in line with the strategy and mobilize all the resources necessary for its execution.


New knowledge and understanding must be translated into actions, which is the essence and the future of an organization that learns.


By changing the way we think about work, focusing on reformulating it and using technology to elevate human capabilities, we can unlock human potential and create a work environment where individuals and teams are empowered with tools, technology and culture to contribute to its full potential. This is the great opportunity: a future designed around the human dimension of work and technology, releasing energy and infinite possibilities to be achieved, unlocking aspirations and results never before imagined.


CEO of Thrive - Arianna Huffington analyzed this moment as

  "The first since the Industrial Revolution" - bringing the urgent need to redesign the work.

Dr. Bruno Cavalcanti Farras
Mara Machado

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