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The Quality Management Scenario in this Transition moment

2021 will be a year of transition.


The need for greater control over costs has been gaining greater importance within health services. The nature of the activities and the complexity of the internal and external environments constitute, beforehand, a challenge for the adoption of direct and assertive measures when there is no integration of these activities.

The COVID-19 pandemic belied several assumptions about the adequacy of public health infrastructure and the supply chain. It is remarkable and increasingly clear the role of leaders in shaping the work environment and determining the performance of organizations.

Although the consumption of health services continues to grow, it is not clear whether the performance of organizations will expand at the same rate. New business models are beginning to demonstrate promising returns in the provision of care, having in common the integration in health promotion, disease and disease prevention and the use of data for advanced analyzes, which nothing reflects what we have observed over the last few years.

These better results are due to the incorporation, better understanding and meeting the real needs of individuals, which are increasingly complex and require continuous management and support, often from different providers.

The reorientation of the traditional financing model, leaves aside the exclusive focus of production, and proposes the integrated and managed care model, which better aligns incentives, providing higher quality service, accessibility, better experience and lower cost.

The balance and good functioning of the system requires the analysis of factors that influence the organization, collective actions with the involvement of partners and the adequate direction for the use of resources, guaranteeing production and execution with safety, quality and user satisfaction.

Integrated management gains importance as it offers a way to overcome the paradox of “increasing quality coupled with cost reduction”.

Dr. Bruno Cavalcanti Farras

Mara Machado

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